Providers of the Mark

Providers of the Mark

Triglav National Park Quality Mark

Tourism providers of the Triglav National Park Quality Mark

Green scheme of slovenian tourism

The TNP Quality Mark is a symbol of achieving excellence in environmental protection as well as in sustainable tourism.

Commitment to quality, sustainability and national park objectives are the qualities that distinguish the providers carrying the TNP Quality Mark from other tourism providers.

One of the conditions for obtaining the Quality Label is the provider's participation in the GREEN SCHEME OF SLOVENIAN TOURISM.


Nature is our ally! Increasing numbers of park visitors are calling for green tourism.

Providers of local produce and products

As we are aware of the importance of our traditions, customs and their origins, home-made handicrafts are also an important category of the Triglav National Park Quality Label.

The most important food products typical of the Julian Alps are the cheeses with the Protected Designation of Origin: Tolminc cheese, Bovec cheese and Mohant cheese. In addition to these, our Quality Label providers will offer you many other delicacies and local specialities to taste.

The Triglav National Park Quality Label rewards protected organic food products and products from local farmers that are a traditional speciality and are produced according to traditional methods and recipes. They are produced or processed from traditional raw materials and have traditional ingredients or recipes. Quality products with a genuine, local origin are produced here.

These food products and crops are superior in their specific characteristics and positively differ from others because they have a special quality and characteristics that reflect the characteristics of their geographical area and traditional production methods.

Although the protection and preservation of pristine nature is the most important task of any national park, as a cornerstone of sustainable development, the Alpine National Parks also have an important role and concern for the preservation of indigenous, authentic cultural heritage.

The cultural heritage of the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps Biosphere Area is very interesting, varied and colourful, with different climatic influences meeting in the area and different cultures originating from there. Each has left or is leaving its mark.

The knowledge of our grandmothers and grandfathers used to be passed down from generation to generation very successfully. Today, however, there are only a few who know and understand the crafts of their homeland to the extent that they can successfully represent them and pass them on to the next generation.