heart of the Triglav National Park Quality Mark

The family of holders of the Triglav National Park Quality Label has been joined by many farmers, livestock breeders, craftsmen, artists, hosts, tourism providers, pickers, herbalists and many others who, united by the certificate, cooperate with each other and share their values and good work among all of us with their products, products and services.

By using the certificate, they share with us:

  •     their love for the place where they live and work
  •     their knowledge
  •     their passion for working with and for nature

We present to you our selection of organic tourist farms, tourist providers, home-made handicraft products, protected organic food products and products, breeders of indigenous breeds of domestic animals, herb pickers and processors who, with their high quality standards, are committed to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of this priceless area and who, thanks to their positive environmental attitude and their commitment to the sustainability of their development, have been awarded the Quality Mark of the Triglav National Park.